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About Shanghai ChunZhiYu Precision Components Co.,Ltd.
    In the age of globalization and regional economic integration, market competitions are not only inter-enterprise competitions but the competition of value chain, supply chain even the industrial chain.
    Our company integrates Research & Development, production & processing, sales & service. We are dedicated to produce and process the precision mechanical components. We have set up a platform, contains the advanced equipments and management, the strong technologies, the best service and other and some other advantages, through which we can provide the superior quality and low price production for the domestic and foreign clients.
    All of our clients are from the Europe and the America or from the Foreign-owned enterprises (European or American enterprise) in China. Our business focus is two things: One is the ultra-precision components which are used in photoelectric communication, optical devices and medical instruments. The other is shaft and Bud of cellphone’s antenna. They are also the direction of our company in market expansion.
    Through years of development, we deeply learn the connotation of the word “Quality is the lifeline of a corporation”, We believe that it is important to set our enterprise purpose as: Satisfy the clients is the first.
    The enterprise’s belief of “ do our best in every moment” is our direction to meet the market demand in future.
Devotion + Enthusiasm = Success!

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